Puma evoPOWER Vigor 2 FG(Ultra Yellow/Peacoat/Orange Clownfish)


PUMA evoPOWER is designed for the player that uses raw power an uncanny precision to deliver passes and strikes, that strikes awe with the opponents. It is for the player that makes hard and precise passes. Any goalkeeper needs to stay alert when you have the ball, with a view on the goal. If the goalkeeper blinks, he’ll be on the losing team. With the new evoPOWER you can use power and precision to place your team on the top spot. 

• All new generation of the evoPOWER!
• evoPOWER is worn by players such as Olivier Giroud, Yaya Touré and Gianluigi Buffon

• Microfibre upper – weight 246 gram

Ultimate flexibility and elastane sock
The innovative upper has been updated, with a sock like slip-on construction, that is made from elastane. A synthetic material with exceptional elasticity. The upper is still designed to allow fo a unique one-way stretch allowing the upper to flex with the foot - allowing it to feel like kicking barefoot. The sock like construction adds to this feeling, ensuring your kicks and strikes are as powerful as possible. This feel allows for the most efficient use of power, making you the king of the pitch. Also, the one-way stretch helps the boots stability, especially when exposed to lateral forces during twists and turns. The upper has been coated with GripTex, that is visible on the length of the boot and is designed to increase the friction between ball and boot - even in wet conditions. The entry to the boot has been fitted with “pull tabs”, for easy access. The heel cap is designed to be stably, providing great support and fit, while the inside is lined with a microfibre material for ultimate comfort.

AccuFoam padding for precision and touch
Especially designed 3D AccuFoam PU buds has been integrated on the in- and outside of the sock like construction. These buds enhances your feel of the football, allowing you stay close on the ball. Also the buds even out the upper, allowing you a clean kicking surface and greater precision. The buds also helps improve level of comfort, due to the soft texture of the buds. 

Lightweight TPU outsole
The boot has been fitted with a lightweight TPU outsole for comfort, protection and stability. It keeps you close to the ground, for an optimum level of grip and touch for faster and more efficient turns. And of course more powerful strikes.


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